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Vertex One Asset Management Inc.

We are an independent investment firm that seeks to offer investors a different approach to fund management, one based on capital preservation in both good and bad markets.

Through seven funds we offer investors a full spectrum of risk and return profiles, actively managed by asset class and strategy exposure.

Vertex employees are collectively the largest investors across its funds.


Founded in 1997 by three investment professionals, our head office is located in beautiful Vancouver, British Columbia. Our clients include: investment advisors, high-net worth individuals and institutions.


We're all in this together. Employees of Vertex are the largest investors across the funds. A growing team of 23, we are focused on clients' long term goals.


Active, Unconstrained, Opportunistic, Absolute

Risk management is the foundation of our investment philosophy. Each opportunity is evaluated for the best risk-adjusted return and we will invest at all levels of the capital structure to achieve this.


Each quarter we sit down and provide our musings on the portfolio, economy or whatever we find interesting at the time.


Enhanced Income Fund

Vertex Mutual Fund

Vertex Enhanced Income Fund

Not your average income fund. We use credit, covered-calls and capital gains to provide a tax-efficient income vehicle.

1 Day*:-0.06%
1 Year:-1.52%
3 Year:+4.93%
bPerformance Fact Sheet
*Real time data

Value Fund

Vertex Mutual Fund

Vertex Value Fund

Simple Works. A concentrated portfolio of undervalued securities in overlooked sectors with steady cash flow and catalysts for growth.

1 Day*:-0.65%
1 Year:-32.44%
3 Year:-0.41%
bPerformance Fact Sheet
*Real time data

Growth Fund

Vertex Mutual Fund

Vertex Growth Fund

Unconstrained investing. An actively managed, concentrated portfolio unconstrained to find opportunities in any market, any instrument, any strategy.

1 Day*:-0.51%
1 Year:-22.74%
3 Year:-6.38%
bPerformance Fact Sheet
*Real time data


Vertex Fund

The Alternative Fund

Vertex Fund

An Authentic Alternative. Diversified by multiple strategies, the event-driven portfolio invests in companies and situations where catalysts present a favourable risk/return trade-off.

1 Month:+1.91%
1 Year:-26.33%
3 Year:-9.08%
10 Year:+5.78%
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Managed Value Portfolio

Vertex Alternative Fund

Vertex Managed Value Portfolio

Protect & Progress. Value from the undervalued using: stocks, fixed income, derivative income and/or private lending. Protecting capital by avoiding hyper-valued investments.

1 Month:+0.03%
1 Year:-30.55%
3 Year:-0.27%
10 Year:+7.94%
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Arbitrage Fund

Vertex Alternative Fund

Vertex Arbitrage Fund

Absolutely Alternative. Using market-neutral strategies to deliver absolute, low volatility, tax-efficient returns with low interest-rate risk.

1 Month:+0.41%
3 Month:+0.75%
1 Year:+4.05%
3 Year:+3.12%
bPerformance Fact Sheet

Arbitrage Fund Plus

Vertex Alternative Fund

Vertex Arbitrage Fund Plus

Absolutely Alternative. Utilizing leverage to enhance returns, the fund uses market-neutral strategies to deliver absolute, low volatility, tax-efficient returns with low interest-rate risk.

1 Month:+0.89%
3 Month:+1.55%
1 Year:+8.09%
2 Year:+5.72%
bPerformance Fact Sheet


We provide Advisors across Canada access to premier equity, income and alternative products. We have a range of funds to suit your client’s portfolios whether used in combination or individually.

Private Wealth Services

We provide a full-range of portfolio services to High-Net Worth investors and institutions with account values over $500,000.

High Net Worth Institutions


Our motives are clear.
We are entrepreneurs dedicated to providing business-oriented investment solutions and family-like service. Decisions are always based on which opportunity provides the best risk-adjusted return.