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140 characters…who thought that would last? Well it definitely has. So, we have started an official Vertex One twitter account!

We’ve been using Twitter on the investment desk for years as a highly effective way of remaining informed and connected. For years, traditional sources of media (radio, print, t.v.) have been waning, gradually yielding to new mediums on the Internet. Today, people are getting the news from their Twitter crawl, Facebook news feed and YouTube videos. It’s been a long journey from the first email in 1971 to social media revolutionizing how we communicate and stay informed. Just take a look at the infographic below for the long history of social media.

We hope that our Twitter account will be another useful tool for keeping advisors and clients informed on things that we find relevant to our funds and investing, as well as the economy and general interest.

Twitter can be a confusing world. So we thought we’d offer a list of who we like to follow on Twitter. It is not exhaustive but it’s a good place to start:

Don’t forget to follow us:
@vertex_one (www.twitter.com/vertex_one)

social-media-history-infographic @carney (John Carney – financial blogger)
@credittrends (Kenneth Hackel – CT Capital)
@firstadopter (market news)
@JohnJHarwood (US politics)
@danprimack (deals & deal-makers – fortune magazine)
@convertbond (Lawrence McDonald)
@hblodget (Henry Blodget – Business Insider)
@AngryArb (M&A)
@GSElevator (Goldman Sachs elevator gossip)
@matt_levine (bloomberg blogger)
@DavidFaber (CNBC)
@elonmusk (Tesla, PayPal creator)
@BloombergNews @Real_MNA @BW
@mohannadaama (NY Money Manager)
@GrantsPub (Grant’s Interest Rate Observer)
@AllJimRogers (Investor Jim Rogers)


For information on this update or the funds we offer, please contact a regional VP of sales:

Noel Dattrino
(Western Canada)

James Wilson
(GTA & Western Ontario, Maritime Canada)

Michael Lindblad
(GTA & Eastern Ontario)

Janine Breck
(Nationwide Inside Sales)
866.681.5787 x122 or 604.408.5663