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On Monday, we welcomed Garth Braun, CEO of Blackbird Energy (TSXV: BBI), into our boardroom for a call with Advisors to share his company’s story and vision, prior to answering a few questions. Blackbird has been a top holding over the past few years in our value funds, managed by Matt Wood.

A primary part of Matt’s investment process is gaining a thorough understanding of the businesses we invest in and getting to know the management behind these companies. We think our investors are no different in their approach to mutual fund investing. Blackbird Energy is in the investing sweet spot: showing compelling value and growth potential while managed by a best-in-class CEO. Unlike passive ETFs, we can choose to own companies like Blackbird in our portfolio over index constituents. Listening to the Garth’s presentation, we think you’ll agree it’s to the benefit of investors.

To watch a replay of the call, we’ve placed a video (30 min.) of the the presentation on our website:

We also encourage you to read Garth’s recent “executive letter” to shareholders, which he referenced during the call:

Blackbird Energy Inc. Executive Letter: Challenges Create Opportunities and Open Markets

If you’d like to join future calls like this, please inform your sales representative of your interest and we’ll keep you in the loop. Also, in May we held a call with the CEO of Bank of Internet (NASDAQ: BOFI) for which we have summary notes available, upon request.

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