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Our Philosophy


Vertex employees put their personal investments right beside yours, in Vertex One funds.


Our management fees of between 0.75% and 1% are below industry averages. Lower management fees force us to grow our business through performance, not aggregation of assets.

ACTIVE – We actively manage all of your funds. You won’t find indexing here.

UNCONSTRAINED – Our managers are free to use their expertise and networks to source the best investments.

OPPORTUNISTIC – We source returns from the entire capital structure, seeking undervalued and event-driven situations.

ABSOLUTE – Our objective is to provide positive returns over rolling 5-year periods, regardless of market indices.

INTEGRITY – We uphold ourselves to honest, trustworthy, responsive client service.

SERVICE – Our clients always come first. We utilize modern technology and industry-best service partners to meet client needs.

PERFORMANCE – Long-term performance matters to you and it matters to us. It is our #1 priority.

INDEPENDENCE – We are employee owned and operated. Independence makes us agile to operate on our clients’ behalf.