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Position Update (M&A) The TMX Group announced today that its merger with the London Stock Exchange (LSE) was terminated, as it was clear that the two-thirds vote threshold required to approve the merger would not be met. As a reminder, LSE was offering an all-stock deal (with a value-neutral, special dividend to both sets of …

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Enhanced Income Fund Update We get a lot of questions surrounding the covered call strategy we use in the Enhanced Income Fund. Here are answers to some of the most common questions: What do we look for? We screen North American stocks looking for securities with the following criteria: high dividend payout, decent volatility and …

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Enhanced Income Fund Update A hodgepodge of information this morning with a few fund updates: Continuing with our thesis of owning short-dated, refinance candidate bonds, we were pleased last Thursday to see Fibrek call their remaining 7% convertible bonds outstanding. We recently performed a site visit to one of our bonds maturing in 2012 in …

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