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Franco-Nevada Corporation – The Gold Investment that Works

Top Holding Vertex Fund & Vertex Growth Fund December 20, 2017 – David Harquail, President & CEO, Franco-Nevada Corporation (FNV) opened the TSX this morning to celebrate ten years listed on Toronto Stock Exchange. Franco-Nevada is the leading gold-focused royalty and stream company in the industry with the largest and most diversified portfolio of cash-flow …

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A Bridge to the Future, BofI CEO Update

Top Holding Vertex Value Fund & Vertex Managed Value Portfolio Earlier this week Greg Garrabrants, President and CEO of BofI (Bank of Internet), released his 2017 letter to shareholders titled “A Bridge to the Future”. As one of the largest holdings across our Value Funds, we thought that we would share some key takeaways from …

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Replay of Live with Garth Braun Blackbird Energy CEO

Top Holding Vertex Value Fund & Vertex Managed Value Portfolio On Monday, we welcomed Garth Braun, CEO of Blackbird Energy (TSXV: BBI), into our boardroom for a call with Advisors to share his company’s story and vision, prior to answering a few questions. Blackbird has been a top holding over the past few years in …

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