Vertex Growth Fund

- Unconstrained Investing -


Portfolio Manager John Thiessen
Firm Assets $970 Million
Fund Assets $43 Million
Purchase Minimum $500 (initial), $50 (subsequent)
Type of Fund North American Growth
Inception Date Sept 21, 2009
RSP/TFSA Eligible Yes
Performance Fee 20% of the amount exceeding the daily relative benchmark
Management Fee (B)2% (F)1%
High Water Mark Yes, relative to benchmark
Early Switch/Redemption 2% fee within 30 calendar days of purchase
Valuation Frequency Daily
Distribution Frequency Annually, if applicable.
Offering Type Simplified Prospectus
Administration CIBC Mellon
Trustee CIBC Mellon
Custodian CIBC Mellon
Auditor PwC


To achieve the above objectives, fundamental analysis will be used to identify superior investment opportunities with the potential for above average capital appreciation over the long term. Vertex One will seek inefficiently priced companies backed by strong management teams with solid business models that have the potential to benefit from both industry and macro-economic trends.


Primary objective is to achieve long-term capital growth by investing in growth-oriented equities. The Vertex Growth Fund invests primarily in equity and equity-related securities of North American companies. Investment may focus on assets in specific industry sectors and asset classes based on analysis of business cycles, industry sectors and market outlook.

Portfolio Manager

John Thiessen, CFA - Mr. John Thiessen is a founding partner and director of Vertex One Asset Management. Mr. Thiessen has overall responsibility for the investment and trading decisions affecting the Vertex Fund, Vertex Offshore Fund and Vertex Growth Fund. He has operated as the lead manager of the Vertex Fund since its inception on February 6, 1998. Mr. Thiessen has significant investment experience with 23 years of equity, fixed income and arbitrage investing. He began his career with the Alberta Treasury Investment Management Division, after which he became an Investment Officer with National Trust. He was a Portfolio Manager with HSBC Asset Management before co-founding Vertex One Asset Management. Mr. Thiessen holds the professional designation of Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) and is a member of the Institute of Chartered Financial Analysts.

Fund Codes

  • Class B : VRT 400
  • Class F : VRT 401
  • Low Load : VRT 402

Purchase Info

  • Minimum Investment :
  • $500 (initial)
  • $50 (subsequent)


Quarterly Commentary

Third Quarter Report, 2018 - Buying 80,000 barrels of oil a day from Saudi Arabia for a total annual cost of $2.5 Billion dollars is not Making Canada Great Again. Being a Canadian portfolio manager is a tough gig, and our results over the past ten years have been similar to the TSX. Our country, like our fund, is stuck in a rut. In fact, this year all countries, except...

Vertex Growth Fund F Performance

View Class B Statistics *Annualized compound returns. Returns are Net of all Fees and include reinvested distributions.

Current Net Asset Value

As at December 7, 2018

One Day

As at December 7, 2018

Month to Date

As at December 7, 2018

Year to Date

As at December 7, 2018
$12.4495 $-0.1519 (-1.21%) -3.54% -27.84%

1 Month


3 Month


6 Month


1 Year


3 Year*


5 Year*


Cumulative Return

Since Inception*

Percent Positive Months

53.60% 4.78% 54.95%

Fund vs Benchmark*

*50% S&P 500 TRI $CAD + 50% S&P/TSX TRI

Fund / Benchmark



Standard Deviation

Sharpe Ratio†

Largest Monthly Gain

Largest Monthly Loss

Positive Months

Vertex Growth Fund 1.01 0.74 14.48% 0.23 13.95% -15.29% 54.95%
Benchmark* N/A N/A 8.29% 1.08 5.67% -5.68% 68.47%

†Risk Free Rate = 1 Month LIBOR $USD (annualized)

*Returns are based on Class F shares. Inception Sept 21, 2009

Historical Returns*

*Returns are based on Class F shares. Inception Sept 21, 2009