Proxy Voting

Vertex One Asset Management Inc. is wholly responsibility, as portfolio adviser to the Funds, to monitor corporate actions and vote proxies in accordance with the best interests of each Fund and its unitholders. Vertex One holds the ultimate responsibility and authority for the proxy voting process and the discretion to amend the process (if necessary).

Generally speaking, the portfolio adviser will vote in support of management’s recommendations for routine matters which may include the following:

  • Electing and fixing number of directors
  • Appointing auditors
  • Ratifying director actions
  • Changing registered address
  • Authorizing directors to fix remuneration of auditors

Non-routine matters will be evaluated by the portfolio adviser on a case by case basis and votes will be cast in accordance with what the portfolio adviser deems to be in the best interests of the Fund.

Under certain circumstances, proxy votes may not be cast if the portfolio adviser deems that it is not in the best interest of unit holders of the Fund to vote such proxies. In the event that a proxy raises a conflict of interest between the portfolio adviser and the interests of a Fund, the portfolio adviser will resolve the conflict by voting in the Fund’s favor.

It is at the discretion of the portfolio adviser to deviate from these policies on any particular proxy vote depending upon the facts and circumstances present.

The guidelines for proxy voting are available upon request, free of charge, by contacting the Manager at 1-866-681-5787. It is Vertex One’s policy to maintain a historical Proxy Voting Record for each Fund, which is prepared annually and made available on our website or to any investor upon request, free of charge. The proxy voting record for the annual period ending June 30 is available after August 31 of that year.

Proxy Voting Record